SCREENING: Discretion is of the utmost and ultimate luxury. Any and all information given to me during your screening process is kept strictly confidential and is seen solely by me and used only to verify for my personal safety! If I can not verify you... I can not see you. I will NEVER negotiate my mandatory screening methods! I handle all personal, employment, and model verification information with the utmost discretion and expect the same in return. I require your Full Name (as stated on your ID), Age, Cell phone number, and two reputable model references. I only communicate via secure email and I prioritize longer engagements. NDA's available upon request. 


BOOKING: I require at least 24-48 hours notice for existing clients and at least 48-72 hours notice for new clients. I often have my schedule made out at least a week or two in advance and start booking appearances 1 to 2 months in advance. Booking me in advance is always greatly appreciated. 

I have a 90 min. minimum for new clients. In order to ensure I can see you, please include your screening information up front and plan ahead! 

DEPOSIT: Due to my modeling appearances being increasingly busy, I am giving preference to clients willing to place a deposit with me. In certain circumstances, such as engagements over 4 hours, special requests or extended travel, a deposit of 50% of my donation, 1st class or business class airfare, as well as accommodations are required for traveling engagements. Deposits will be required to confirm engagement.  I reserve the right to request a small deposit for any said modeling engagement. Deposits are only to be made at time of confirmation to demonstrate that we are both respectfully committed. 

I currently do not hold a static location for modeling assignments. If you are interested in a model hosting event, please provide adequate notice so that I may book a convenient location. Preferably 48 hours in advance, but exceptions may be made. 

Should I have to cancel for any reason, you will have the option of using your deposit for another modeling engagement, or you may receive a full refund of the deposit. 

Should you cancel our appointment after I have already finalized travel arrangements, then you will forfeit your deposit. In certain cases your deposit may be used to secure another appointment. Should you cancel within 48 hours of engagement, deposit shall be 100% refunded. If canceled within 24 hours or less of engagement, you forfeit entire deposit.